A full list of references can be provided upon request.

Below are some comments from people who have worked with me over the past 25 years.

“Ryan is one of the most gifted managers I’ve ever worked for. He’s a respected leader – firm, but always fair – and has an innate ability to listen and get the entire story before he acts.  He’s an excellent communicator who is able to bring diverse groups of people together for a common purpose.  I think what makes Ryan so effective is that he leads by serving those who report to him.  He’s a cultivator of talent, and seems to love seeing his people shine.  What I admire the most about Ryan though, is that he serves with integrity.”    

– Shawn Anderson

“Ryan and I worked together over a ten year period as I provided legal counsel for his agencies.  Ryan is an exemplary human resource administrator.  He approached every situation well prepared with a solid basis in legal knowledge and a keen sense of fairness.  He has a deep respect for staff’s expectations, culture and fundamental fairness.  His skills and abilities were consistently appreciated by those who worked with him and relied on his guidance.”

– Donna Sandoval Bennett, J.D.

“Ryan has exemplary organizational and interpersonal skills and these professional qualities translate to co-workers, staff and customers in an effortless manner. He has a positive, friendly attitude that I truly appreciated in the years I worked with him. Ryan is a clear and effective communicator, which makes for a productive atmosphere in any situation. An employer who values integrity, clear leadership and a positive spirit will be very glad to have chosen Ryan.”

– Rick Allen, KBZY Radio

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